tina header

  • Compact drive unit (4")
  • Wall mounted control console or casing console with LCD screen
  • Great ease of control
  • Easy installation

General-purpose and skillful, TINA fits all application for heavy or private use. Its elegant design and slim casing make it suitable in any place.

Easy to use, developed to be installed rapidly, this new range of doors is the perfect solution for those who need the comfort of an automatic door without complexity...

With TINA, discover the concept of high performing automatic doors, convenient and easy to install.

  • TINA exists in single or double sliding versions, with or without side screens.
  • Its flexibility allows to fit toughened glass leaves and thick profiles until 50mm.
  • Its performances and flexibility make it a reference in its category: its compact operator pulls heavy leaves until 2 x 264lbs.
  • The hinged cover up or down, allows easy access to the operator or leaves

All current functions are available and can be customised. The user can have systems of multifunction or simplified controls according to his needs.


Number of moving leaves

1 or 2

Casing dimensions

4” x 6.5”

Opening width min*/max

1 leaf 29.5" - 70.8"  2 leaves 35.4" - 114"

Opening height max.


Maximum leaf weight (standard)

1 x 308 lbs / 2 x 264 lbs

Adjustable opening speed / leaf

4 to 31 in/s

Adjustable closing speed / leaf

4 to 19 in/s

Adjustable open time

1 to 15 s

Adjustable Opening / Closing force

44 to 110 ft.lbs

Environment and electrical connections

Power supply

Main 50-60 Hz, 120 V +10 % with earth ground

Average absorbed power




ANSI 156.10, UL 325, NFPA 101, FCC part15