Diva LClean New

Designed to respond to specific requirements in sites where hygiene and air permeability are necessary, Diva L Clean offers a technical solution and Portalp's usage comfort.
It will be particularly convenient for hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories…

DL Clean advantages:

A wide opening appreciated for pushing a carriage or transporting sensitive materials

  • Hygienic rules respect : doors opening without any contact
  • Limitation of exchange between two areas by adjusting leaves opening and closing speed
  • An effective seal which forms a true barrier against the passage of air
  • Easy to clean and maintain



Surface Applied

Sliding Leaves

1 or 2

Opening width min/max - door 1 leaf

32” / 59”

Opening width min/max - door 2 leaves

32” / 94”

Opening Height max. (Recommended)


Optimum leaf weight

1 x 230lbs / 2 x 187lbs

Maximum leaf weight

1 X 264lbs / 2 x 264lbs