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Welcome to Portalp Automatic Doors, where we manufacture and distribute the best automatic doors in the world. With manufacturing facilities in Naples Florida, and sales offices across North America, PORTALP USA consistently provides superior quality and customer service.

Portalp has been designing and developing automated opening systems for almost 50 years. A long journey has been made since the first hydraulic systems up to today's intelligent and high-tech automatic doors. You can be sure that Portalp has the experience and know-how to provide you with the right solution, at the right price.

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Product Spotlight

Universal Full Breakout Leaves

  • Optimal Safe Operation
  • New Profile Design
  • Complies w/ Safety Regulations (CO48)

full breakout automatic doorThe new full breakout automatic door has been developed to meet all market requirements in term of security in public resorts. It offers more flexibility and more comfort of use. Thanks to its daring look, it can be installed with all our operator types: Tina, Diva L, and DIVA. Combining technical performance and safe design, this new range is perfect for all public resorts and heavy traffic areas: shopping centres, airports, stations, etc. Read more...